A message for Tacoma…

Sadly, we must close Gibson’s effective October 31, 2015.  After several years of increasingly reduced sales, we simply have run out of money, time and energy to keep it afloat.

A HUGE thank you to our unfailing employees, who have stuck with us through thick and thin.  Their honesty, integrity and care of our shops was always the most remarked upon review in Yelp and Google.  We are so grateful for them.

While we deal with the emotions of failure and sadness, it is important to acknowledge the good we brought to our community.  Our intention from the beginning was to build a space where families and friends could come for inexpensive entertainment (what could be more fun to a child than having control over what they put in their cup?), connect with each other (maybe over some games), and be safe and happy.

Being local Tacoman’s ourselves, we wanted that for our community.  And we succeeded.  Of course our success brought in many “copy cats” and outside chain competitors.  But the core of building something local for our community was good and we’re proud of that.

So if you’re reading this, do something good for your community today.  Pick up trash that blows in your way, pay forward a cup of coffee to the next person in line, hug your kids and work to create happiness in your neighborhood.

And whenever possible, always buy local….

Jim Gibson & Judy Jones



Former addresses: 

   Stadium shop - 8 N Tacoma Ave, Tacoma, WA  98403

   Westgate shop - 5916 N 26th Street, Tacoma, WA  98407

If you know anyone who might be interested in purchasing our food truck, please send them this link: